Youth Dance England


Online PDF brochure design

Youth Dance England is a national agency for young people interested in dance, promoting and supporting young people’s participation.

YDE asked Mono Industries to design a PDF brochure about making a career in the dance world. The brochure carried information about the many different careers available to dance practitioners as well as case studies and a glossary.

The brochure was available as a free download from the YDE website.

What the client said

Mono Industries understood exactly how to meet our creative brief – to design an online PDF which would look fresh but professional and appeal to both young people and the adults working with them.

Feedback from young people across the country is consistently positive and the PDF is educational but enticing to read – just as we intended it to be!

Nick’s service is slick and efficient, he quickly grasps a client’s conceptual ideas and he’s unendingly patient.

Catherine Moore. Marketing Director, Youth Dance England