We like to get involved in all sorts of interesting music projects

Like photo-editing the first version of U2’s website, designing a web shop for Sigur Rós, filming the Cambridge Folk Festival on an old Super 8 camera or drawing some nice pictures for R.E.M.

Design is our first love

No it’s not, it’s music. No, it's film. Can we have all three?

Music, film, photography – we’re always keen to hear about new projects which get our creative juices flowing. Come over for a coffee and we’ll throw some ideas around.

Variety is the spice of life

Perhaps not 57 varieties, but certainly a few

While graphic design and web design is our first love, we enjoy music and film-related projects. For example, we directed a Super 8 film for the Cambridge Folk Festival, created computer drawings for R.E.M. and photo-edited U2‘s website.

Michael Price

Identity design, website design and build

Carol Jarvis smiling holding a trombone.

Carol Jarvis

Website design and build, identity design

Sigur Rós album artwork

Sigur Rós

Consultancy and web shop design

U2. Dublin, Ireland


Photo editing