Darling Daughters


Branding, stationery and website holding page design and build

Darling Daughters is the brainchild of parenting coach Judy Reith who regularly appears in the national media as a parenting and family expert.

‘Darling Daughters: 7 Secrets of Raising a Girl Every Parent Must Know’ is the title of a new book that Judy is currently writing and researching. As part of this research, Judy asked Mono Industries to design a brand identity and holding page for the project which was used to gather user research via social media and two online surveys.

We’re due to start work on a full-blown website very soon.

What the client said

My company was in the early stages of development and didn’t even have a name when I employed Mono Industries to help design a logo, headed paper and a postcard. The first job was to identify the name, and having done that, it was essential for me to produce the right image.

Nick’s patience and enthusiasm for the project was just the inspiration and expertise I needed. I am delighted with the results and many of my clients have commented favourably on his work.

Judy Reith. Owner, Darling Daughters