A close-up of a drawing that goes to make up the Darsham Nurseries identity.

Darsham Nurseries

Branding and stationery design

Shaking hands – part of Charlie Irvine Mediation's identity on a clear background.

Charlie Irvine Mediation

Branding and stationery design

A close-up of a logo for Alasdair Cant & Associates depicting a graphic representation of the letter 'A'.

Alasdair Cant & Associates

Identity creation and stationery design

An illustration of a loud speaker.

A Beautiful Noise

Branding and stationery design

Dark image of a young person dancing while casting a large shadow.

Youth Dance England

Online PDF brochure design

A pile of walnuts on a white background.

Planit International

Branding, stationery, website design and build

Manipulated and colourful image of a dog.

NIE Theatre Co.

Show publicity design and branding

A person walking in the far off distance with a huge sky.

Menagerie Theatre Co.

Theatre show publicity and photography