Cambridge Folk Festival


Super 8 Film

Being based in Cambridge, we jumped at the chance to film the Cambridge Folk Festival back in 2001.

We filmed lots of footage during the build up to the festival as well as the weekend itself on two Super 8 cameras. It was a rather expensive way of filming but well worth it for that Super 8 ‘feel’.

BBC Radio 2 (sponsors of the event at that time) stumped up some money for us to edit the film professionally and eventually the film got shown at the prestigious Cambridge Film Festival as part of the short film programme.

What the client said

Nick from Mono Industries would often turn up to the Cambridge Folk Festival but one of our first collaborations was when he took Polaroid photos of the artists, asked them to sign them and then uploaded them onto his website for people to look at.

For the 2001 Festival, I asked him to film the event, just to see what he’d come up with. I was a little surprised when he suggested he just use an old Super 8 camera but we went with the idea anyway.

The finished film was a charming and unique snapshot of 4 days at Cherry Hinton Hall featuring all the top headliners of that year, onstage and off. We were delighted with the results.

Eddie Barcan. Cambridge Folk Festival