Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós album artwork

Mono Industries was asked to design a web shop for Icelandic band Sigur Rós by their management company.

A simple and elegant design solution was required to work alongside the band’s evocative visuals. Great attention to detail was given to the layout and typography within the shop as it was felt that the usual online shopping experience would not be appropriate in this instance.

The shop was built by e-commerce merchandise experts Sandbag.


Starleaf logo appearing in white on a blue background.

Being geeks ourselves, we were delighted when telecoms start-up Starleaf contacted us about working on a branding project with them. They were so easy to work with and full of ideas. It was also nice to work with a client who was as interested in the tiny details as we were.

We’ve also enjoyed art directing various photo-shoots for them including all the photography for their website, as well as some great product shots.


U2. Dublin, Ireland

Mono Industries was asked to photo-edit the first version of U2’s website to coincide with the release of ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind.’

The site was a complete retrospective which included all stages of the band’s career.


A photograph of rock band R.E.M.

A bit of an odd one this. We were asked to create computer drawings so that the show designers and the band themselves could begin to see how the stage set would look for the ‘Up’ world tour of 1999.

Cambridge Folk Festival

A crowd shot of the Cambridge Folk Festival.

Being based in Cambridge, we jumped at the chance to film the Cambridge Folk Festival back in 2001.

We filmed lots of footage during the build up to the festival as well as the weekend itself on two Super 8 cameras. It was a rather expensive way of filming but well worth it for that Super 8 ‘feel’.

BBC Radio 2 (sponsors of the event at that time) stumped up some money for us to edit the film professionally and eventually the film got shown at the prestigious Cambridge Film Festival as part of the short film programme.

Tandem Coaching

An illustration of a tandem bicycle.

Business Coach Adrian Reith asked Mono Industries to design and build a new website and content management system for his business coaching practice.

Having a background in advertising meant that Adrian had very strong ideas about what he wanted (and didn’t want), so it was important for us to listen rather than dictate what we thought he might want from his website.

Norfolk Street Deli

An illustration of the inside of a tomato.

The benefits of designing an identity and signage for clients that are in the same neighbourhood as you are fairly obvious. The downside is that if it goes wrong, you have to walk past your work every day.

Fortunately for client and designer, it turned out great and every time we walk past the Norfolk Street Deli (at least twice a day, if not more), it brings a smile to our faces.

Great coffee too.

Lomonaco International Artists

A small section of a logotype for Lomonaco International Artsists.

Having worked with Sarah at her two previous employers, we had a good idea of what she wanted when she decided to set up her own business: contemporary but not trendy, smart but not fashionable.

The starting point was an identity followed by a stationery set and website with an accompanying content management system.

The website needed to have lots of embedded audio and video content built in, so we needed to make sure that Sarah was able to manage this easily via the Content Management System.