Darling Daughters

An identity for parenting organisation 'Darling Daughters' consisting of cream-coloured cursive type on a dark brown background.

Darling Daughters is the brainchild of parenting coach Judy Reith who regularly appears in the national media as a parenting and family expert.

‘Darling Daughters: 7 Secrets of Raising a Girl Every Parent Must Know’ is the title of a new book that Judy is currently writing and researching. As part of this research, Judy asked Mono Industries to design a brand identity and holding page for the project which was used to gather user research via social media and two online surveys.

We’re due to start work on a full-blown website very soon.

Greenbelt Festival

The logo for the Greenbelt Festival.

Mono Industries has had a long-term relationship with the Greenbelt Festival – from being involved in producing the Festival’s artistic programme to consulting on digital strategy. In mid-2013, the Festival’s creative director asked us to write a Request For Proposal document that would enable them to appoint a new digital development company.

We undertook staff and stakeholder consultations and wrote a comprehensive RFP that many developers said they would go on to use as an example of best practice. Mono Industries facilitated the short-listing process and the meetings that finally led to Greenbelt appointing a new digital development company.

Renovation Insurance Brokers

A section of an identity for Renovation Insurance Brokers showing a white uppercase 'R' in a black circle on a gold background.

Renovation Insurance Brokers is the market leader in renovation insurance, helping hundreds of clients, brokers, project managers and architects place the right insurance for large renovations.

As experts in building contract compliant insurance, they work to ensure that the properties that they insure are protected during the renovation process.

A long term client of Mono Industries, Renovation Insurance Brokers asked us to re-design and re-build their website in the Autumn of 2013 with a completely new structure and content strategy. We partnered with our favourite content providers and managed the entire process from the initial briefings to the site going live.

The original branding project involved designing for several different sub-brands which catered for different sectors that the company worked in hence the different branding and colourways.