Carol Jarvis


Website design and build, identity design

Carol got in touch with Mono Industries after seeing one of our web projects. We chatted briefly, arranged to meet for lunch (which is always a good start to any relationship), and we immediately hit it off.

Re-designing Carol’s site was such a great project for Mono Industries because:

a] she was fully engaged from start to finish (which is surprisingly rare these days)
b] she had lots of great assets that we were able to make use of
c] she felt able to contribute valuable insights into how she felt the structure of the site should work.

The result is a friendly, asset-rich website and a long-term relationship with a hugely talented and inspiring client.

What the client said

Mono Industries were even better than I could’ve hoped for. Revamping a website is an important job to get right and involves getting personal taste correct.
Meeting the team to begin with proved really valuable, as they learnt about me and my taste as I learnt about how they work and what elements they could integrate.

The whole process ran smoothly and they literally work miracles! I couldn’t be happier about the way my website was re-made from start to finish. I would even regard them as friends as we had such fun in the process!

Carol Jarvis. Owner